Introduction ( Or more specifically, My Ideas:) )

So today isn't a very good day for me because I'm sick (meh!). Other than that, I won't let it get in the way of entertaining you for my ideas of this month!!! :) :) :)   Here is some of my ideas: Creating my character's profiles a little more specifically, Creating new categories, adding more pictures, chating, getting this wiki to go official, and having more of you Wikia users to have fun here like you have fun on other Wikis!!!   *HOORAY!!!* LOL, HaHaHaHaHa!!!

  1. Characters: Yes I'll admit it, the characters profiles on here are a little sloppy. Thats because I don't know how to work those tables where you put all the information in. I'm not the best editor here LOL!
  2. Catoegories: You know those thingys that sort out where the charater/thing belongs and where it give it more specific details? Yeah, me? I got to make more of those......categories.
  3. Pictures: The pictures I add here are just like details that tell you how the character looks (It's true and amazing!!!) Need more of those even though I DON'T own any of them :) :)
  4. Chating: Chit Chat Chit Chat Chit Chat Chit Chat Chit Chat Chit Chat Chit Chat Chit Chat Chit Chat Chit Chat ......You want me to go on? No matter how many times I say it, chating stills makes a wiki interesting!
  5. Going Official: Yes! That my main goal. August 25th to Septmember 5th is where I'm going to make this wiki official. Sometimes, I challenge myself and I fail but I'll never fail Wikia.
  6. Wikia Community: Yeah, you guys are last. See how much fun you have on Wikia, so why not let that fun continue?     XOXO Terrika!

P.S, I'll be editing my profile a little better!!! Tehe!