This will center around a teenage girl, Bettany, who is over 100 years old with magic abilities. She is the Princess of Great Britain. She is founded after her 100 years of death and is protected from an evil spirit, Doctor Daredevil, at a academy called Wickford, where she makes up a group, The Wickford Gang, that solves mysteries around the academy. Now, she has to go through three things: Saving Earth from world domination, choosing between two boys to become her future king of Catsle Gemineilious, London, Great Britain, and controlling her powers, the most dangerous of her kind, The Dark Eclispe Shadow. 

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Another one of my made up fictions. Inspired by a book I'm writing. Do NOT steal. The ideal came to my mind August 10th 2012.

Welcome to the world of nine mystical girls who are Beautiful as Dolls and tkae limits that are Devilish as Horror!Edit

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