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Elizabella "Bella" Kyler Alice Mittelmier is the Princess of Northern Ireland, the twin of Elitoria Sheagam Alison Mittelmier, as well as one of the nine heroines of The Horror Dolls Series. She was born in Belfast, Ireland November 17, 1880 to The King and Queen of Northern Ireland. Her mother always wanted her to be the queen of Ireland. She espected her to behave in royal princess manner, but Elizabella never wanted to be like that. Once, she snuck out of her room during her punishment and battled against fifty men in a swordfight. She scarred herself on the wrist and was tooked in by her furious mother. She was then forced to do housework around the catsle, but one night she was kidnapped and hypnotized by goons who were working for her then husband Victor O'Riley, The Prince of Ireland. After all of her evil doings, she was set to be executed on The Cross of Norn Iron ("norn iron" is another name for Northern Ireland). She died 1991 on her birthday.

Elizabella is a 19 year old girl standing at 5"6 inches tall, has silky, chocolate-brown hair that is putted into creative hairstyles, icy-pale skin tone, glowing sappphire-blue eyes that are visible at night, she has a soft Irish accent, and is 25 degrees cold. She is of Irish and German descent: German from her father, Irish from her mother. (Note: that she looks alot like Kristen Stewart from Twilight in my dream).  She can be described smart, brave, fearless, gentle, atractive, and kindhearted.  


  • Elizabella is from the Northern Irish family The Leprechauns, who are known for their glowing, sapphire-blue eyes.
  • Elizabella enjoys singing. She has a soft, raspy, contralto-like voice when she sings.
  • She is the only female married character.
  • She dress in a femenine way ( dresses, sweaters, skirts, blouses, skinny-pants), but is much of a tomboy. She is also the main character who gets dirty all the time and always is in a sword fight with men.
  • She is afraid of water for an unknown reason, but later over comes it.
  • She was disgusted when she founded out the Victor was her husband, but he injured his self just to save her life and they fell in love with each other.
  • Elizabella's trademark color(s) is black and sapphire-blue.