Elitora Psychitria Myrlien Mittelmier is a minor antagonist in The Horror Dolls Series. She is the twin sister of Elizabella Mittelmier and is a servant of Doctor Daredevil.


Elitoria is described psychotic, obsessed, dellusional, insane, crazy, wicked, callous, and manipulative. She has a
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Elitoria. This pic is sooo cute!!! Who is the artist?

grudge angainst her older sister, Elizabella, because their parents choosen Elizabella as the future Queen of Northern Ireland and not her. She is also seductive and finicky. Whenever she doesn't get things her way, she throws fits or goes through mental breakdowns. Making her upset get her angry and she can then become very unstable and dangerous. She is feared by men because of various poison chemicals that secrets from her lips whenever someone kisses her.


  • Out of all of Daredevil's assistants/servants, she is the most feared one.
  • She and Kanenne are the only two female characters that suffered from Mental Disturbia.
  • She is a very hateful person. She hate many things including her twin sister.
  • Although Elitoria doesn't get trapped up in being vain and snobby, she is ver egocentric and selfish.
  • She is very obsessed with Victor O'Riley. She stalks and daydreams about him.
  • She loves overpowering other women who dispites her.